Innovating Gaming Loyalty with Blockchain Rewards for Gamers and Developers

Welcome to the era of loyalty programs on online gaming platforms. Here, blockchain technology redefines the meaning of rewards, turning virtual achievements into real treasures. These rewards, built on the robust BNB network, can be easily transacted on any network using the power of the bridge. These rewards serve not just as badges of honor but also as keys to a vast and vibrant economic ecosystem within the games. Tradable and convertible, they offer players not only direct ownership of their rewards but also the freedom to shape their value in the vast universe of cryptocurrencies. Whether trading for in-game assets or converting to other cryptocurrencies, each player has the power to transform their skill and dedication into rewards previously unimaginable.

Token Acquisition and Exchange

Token Acquisition and Exchange

The ability to earn additional tokens and exchange them for rare items within games or for other cryptocurrencies opens up a universe of opportunities. This not only enriches the gaming experience but also offers high potential for rewards and growth within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Enhanced Reward Rates

Enhanced Reward Rates

Active participation on the platform and in games rewards holders with lower fees and superior rewards. Whether through playing, contributing, or simply holding tokens, the benefits are tangible, translating into more tokens or valuable in-game items.

Governance Opportunities

Governance Opportunities

Having a voice in the project's decisions is a privilege for token holders. This includes voting on game updates, new features, or strategic directions of the project, ensuring that the community plays a central role in the continuous development of Winners Coin.

Incentives for Innovation and Improvements

Incentives for Innovation and Improvements

Implementing rewards for development in the Winners Coin project can significantly transform the ecosystem, encouraging programmers and innovators to actively contribute to the enhancement of the platform. This incentive not only attracts creative and technical talent to the project but also stimulates constant evolution and innovation within the Winners Coin project.


Earn, Trade, and Thrive with Winners Coin's Blockchain Loyalty Rewards

  • We offer a fully transparent, truly decentralized, community-focused platform designed to reward online platform gamers' loyalty with TW tokens.
  • Our community members who hold WINNERS COIN tokens have the power to actively participate in the gaming ecosystem, earning exclusive rewards. Furthermore, they can enjoy additional benefits, such as exchanging tokens for exclusive in-game items and participating in governance voting to shape the future of the platform.
  • We are putting control in the hands of the players, allowing each WINNERS COIN holder to have a direct influence on the success of our platform and the ongoing development of our community.
  • Join us today and be part of this gaming revolution, where loyalty is rewarded, and the community has a voice!

The Ecosystem



WINNERS was developed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), a blockchain platform that offers reduced transaction fees and robust security. With BSC, users will be able to acquire WINNERS with low fees, incentivizing greater activity on the platform efficiently and securely. The WINNERS was developed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), a blockchain platform that offers reduced transaction fees and robust security. With BSC, users will be able to acquire WINNERS with low fees, incentivizing greater activity on the platform efficiently and securely.



The Winners Coin Staking provides a unique opportunity for earnings. With a highly attractive rate adaptable to the chosen period, the staking system stands out for its flexibility and potential returns, encouraging holders to maintain their tokens long-term, thereby strengthening the Winners ecosystem and increasing holder’s token balances.


Winners DEX

With the power of its own Dex and the ability to increase its tokens through Staking, Winners Coin stands out compared to most tokens, offering a real and robust structure for its users. Additionally, a proprietary DEX provides users with greater control and autonomy, allowing them to trade directly. This ensures a smooth and fast trading experience while facilitating integration with other services and applications within the ecosystem.

The project

The Winners Coin project goes far beyond being just a token: it is the backbone of a revolutionary ecosystem that encompasses the online gaming universe. This innovative token has been meticulously designed to offer a unique experience for both the gaming community and its developers.

Benefits, technologies and advantages


Winners Coin was developed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), the world's third-largest blockchain network, ensuring lightning-fast transaction speeds, security, and transparency for its users. Transaction fees on the BSC network are minimal, making the Winners Coin token accessible to everyone seeking savings and favorable outcomes. Moreover, with millions of active users, the BSC network is one of the largest and most trusted blockchain networks globally, ensuring security and reliability in the crypto world.



Staking, a straightforward process where users lock their tokens in a staking pool and receive rewards in the form of token rewards, allows users to maximize their crypto tokens and multiply their wallet balance effortlessly.



With Winners Coin, forget the limitations of centralized exchanges: here, users have complete autonomy. Liquidity, security, and transparency are all under their control. Additionally, having its own DEX ensures more efficient, faster, and cheaper transactions, providing the freedom to trade as users please, when they please.



The Winners Coin project prioritizes governance with the community, allowing users to have a say in the direction and decisions of the project. This ensures that the platform remains community-driven and responsive to the needs and preferences of its users. Players will have a new decentralized tool for the rewards of their gaming experiences.



The goal is to establish Winners as a primary method of awarding loyalty gaming rewards with blockchain, leveraging efficient transactions, to provide a secure and cost-effective solution for platforms, gamers, and developers.



In Winners Coin, we recognize the vital role that platforms play in the dynamic and evolving world of Web3 and cryptocurrencies. By engaging in strategic collaborations with platforms of various sizes and sectors, we aim to create synergies that drive innovation, growth, and success for all parties involved.

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How to Buy


WINNERS can be purchased using BNB, USDC or USDT. To do so, first ensure you have a sufficient amount of BNB in your wallet.

Note: You will require sufficient extra balance to cover gas fees when purchasing WINNERS with BNB, USDC or USDT– we recommend 10-15 to account for fluctuating gas fees.

Connect your Wallet

1. Connect your Wallet

First, ensure you have a WINNERS-supported wallet set up. We recommend Metamask for desktop and Trust Wallet for mobile. Click “Connect Wallet” to allow WINNERS to interact with your wallet.



When you have successfully connected your wallet, choose the amount of WINNERS tokens you wish to purchase then click “Buy”.

Claim your Tokens

3. Claim your Tokens

WINNERS tokens can be claimed at the end of our presale. Specific details will be released closer to the time, so keep an eye on our socials to hear about updates first. Once the presale period has concluded, visit the Winners Coin homepage and click “Claim”.


We’re extremely excited about the trajectory of Winners Coin that we have mapped out in our project roadmap below.

Q1 2024


  • Concept development
  • Whitepaper development
  • Litepaper release
  • Development of our own DEX
  • Launch of our own DEX
  • Staking launch on the DEX
  • Partnerships with influencers
  • Reward and giveaway program
  • Implementation of referral reward system
  • Launch of TW token – Winners Coin

Q2 2024


  • UI and UX launch
  • Whitepaper release
  • Continued partnerships with influencers
  • Continued referral reward system
  • Wallet release on the DEX
  • Regular updates, features, and improvements

Q3 2024

CROSS-CHAIN integration

  • Scheduled future burns
  • Continued partnerships with influencers
  • Continued referral reward system
  • Launch on new platforms
  • Community initiatives, including forums, AMAs, and meetups
  • Expansion of the global community management team

Q4 2024


  • Community initiatives, including forums, AMAs, and meetups
  • Partnerships and business solutions
  • Collaboration with companies for blockchain solutions
  • Adaptation of Winners services for specific needs of the gaming sector
  • Exploration of new technologies and potential market expansion


Winners Coin's primary objective is to establish a self-sustaining platform that creates reward opportunities for the community through innovative tokenomics and utilities. Our vision is to empower the community by providing full platform control, ensuring decentralization and transparency in decision-making processes.



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